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Capital2Market is a private markets technology company providing personalized white label marketplaces as well as a robust private investment transaction and management system. Check out the C2M Securities Marketplace to see our software in action.


For: Those needing a platform to manage investor relationships

We facilitate our clients' growth by providing a time saving and cost reducing solution to managing traditional and modern sources of capital.

For: Private issuers needing to manage a large number of investments

We provide a turn key transactional system to secure investments, capture signatures and manage private investor groups at scale while reducing time and cost from traditional service providers.

About Capital2Market

Capital2Market provides issuers, investment banks and investment groups technology solutions to manage their private capital raises with large investor bases.

Our technology delivers cost cutting and time saving solutions for the benefit of:

  • Private Companies: seeking to grow at a more reasonable cost of capital
  • Investment Banks: seeking new revenue streams and cost cutting compliance solutions
  • Private Groups: needing tools to manage large investor communities
  • Regulation D, 506 (b) and (c)
  • Regulation A+
  • Regulation S
  • Regulation CF
  • Private Placements
  • Rule 147
  • GP/LP
  • Single Purpose Vehicles
  • Funds
Capital2Market is not a registered broker or advisor. If you would like to inquire about Executing Broker and Placement Agent services, please visit C2MSecurities.
C2M Securities LLC is registered Broker/Dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC.

White Label Marketplaces - Specifically designed to manage your Private Investor Communities

Design your own private offering and investment platform with our white label solution to manage multiple private offerings and your large investor audiences. A great tool for:

  • Investor Communities
  • Investment Banks
  • Serial Issuers
  • Real Estate Sponsors
  • Family Office groups
  • Advisors
  • Private Marketplaces

Subtrak (TM) - Private Investment Management System

Subtrak (TM) allows for investors and sponsors to easily manage private placements:

  • Investors invest directly via ACH, wire, check into issuer's escrow account
  • Anti-Money laundering reporting and management
  • Accreditation Reports - Income, Asset Verification or Professional Certification
  • Know Your Customer(KYC)/Suitability
  • Online Signature Capture for any contract based investment and tax forms
  • Issuer Dashboard - Process and manage a large number of private investments
  • Capitalization table software for Issuers, Transfer Agents and Brokers
  • Easily download or save your closed campaigns to the cloud or hardware for auditing, filing and reporting purposes
  • Domestic and International Investments accepted (EIN, SSN, ITIN, FTIN)


Capital2Market on Yahoo! Finance.


Forget IPOs, this is how companies are raising money now.
By Victor MacLaughlin, Yahoo! Finance


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